Sunday, 9 September 2012

Don Farrell RI

Signs II - 10"x13" - Mixed Media on Paper

I paint from memory rather than actual subject matter because this frees me from the details of the subject, allowing me to focus on shapes and planes. This leads to developing a composition by exploring arrangements and how they relate, both in my still lifes and my more abstract considerations, as we see in the painting “Signs II” (above). The considerations in both are similar, and exploring one influences how I do the other.

 Blue Table - 10"x12.5" - Mixed Media on Paper

A composition begins with arranging shapes, which then leads me to developing a feeling of space through using planes, as we can investigate in my painting “Blue Table" (above). I have used an arrangement of rectangles and triangles which convey harmonious relationships. I adjusted their sizes, colours, values and locations several times until my sense of harmony was satisfied. I enjoy this immensely, as working and reworking with water-soluble media permits the endless play. (I use acrylic gesso and pumice gels, watercolour, gouache, egg tempera (from a tube), aqua-pasto and occasionally acrylic paint.)

 Movement Over Blue - 12"x10" - Mixed Media on Paper

I will play with shapes and planes until I begin to respond to their relationships. The challenge I love is that they are not meant to be apparent—I wish the viewer to sense them before seeing them. I hope you enjoy finding these subtle notes and paths.

Images and text © Don Farrell 2012