Wednesday, 18 January 2012

David A Parfitt RI

Being Watched by Three Cows - 15" x 16"

I find it rather odd being a painter, having an innate compulsion to make marks on paper, often to the detriment of everyone and everything else is such a strange way to behave. Nevertheless, watercolour is my particular obsession. I just love its fluidity, its uncontrollable nature and its seeming ability to be both compelling and frustrating at the same time.

Peering Through the Wood - 10" x 11"

My approach to painting is vaguely similar, somewhat carefree, but the marks which I make have to be pleasing to my eye, whatever I use to make them (brush, razor blade, nail or stick), because I am trying to create something which is not perceived as too contrived or deliberate. I am also looking for an abstract quality in the composition and an element of experimentation with the medium. Consequently, I am not always concerned about using watercolour in its purest form and will experiment with water-based mixed-media to get the effect I’m after, while all the time ensuring that the work is still about the paint.

 Surrounded by Long Tailed Tits - 15" x 16"

Much of this is instinctive when things are going well, which is invaluable when the majority of my work is painted on-site (in the Mendip Hills and Wetlands, near to my home in Somerset) and being outside in all weathers is what I find exciting. I am forced to make decisions about the painting quickly, make simple fresh marks and it either works or it doesn’t.

After a few weeks I look at this work with a ‘fresh eye’ and will occasionally refine and develop paintings in the studio – always being mindful not to overwork them. The ‘failures’ will either go in the bin or used as inspiration for new studio work.

Images and text © David A Parfitt 2012