Saturday, 16 June 2012

Terry McKivragan RI (1929-2012)

Pulteney Bridge, Bath - Watercolour and Acrylic on Paper

The later work of Turner has been my inspiration; his impressionistic interpretation of a subject, his handling of painterly textures and by just hinting at the visual content, he was able to create a range of atmospheric images. I attempt to follow this approach when developing a painting in the studio.


I tend to think in terms of designing a painting; probably due to my years in advertising and finding an alternative solution to a design problem. So my work process might start with a sketch book and watercolours on location, backed up with photographic reference. 

 Going on Duty - Acrylic on Paper

Then, back in the studio, I adapt that material to create a painting by carrying out small sketches exploring composition, colour themes etc. These are done on scraps of paper, about 6”x6”, in acrylics which allows me to easily alter them. In the initial stage of the actual painting, I draw in pencil, on a fairly thick mount board, the subject in some detail, even though I know it will be partly obscured at a later stage. I then apply diluted acrylic paint, as a watercolour, establishing tonal areas which are then painted in with thicker body colours and finally creating textures using a palette knife.

Images and text © Terry McKivragan 2012