Friday, 1 July 2011

Paul Banning RI RSMA

Fishing on the Edge - 29"x19" - Watercolour

I often wonder what it is that makes me paint certain subject matter. It could be said that it has to be a difficult subject to bring the best out of me, but in truth it is mainly that I feel a certain drawing to the subject, that glance, a short intake of breath, then inside me there is a buzz, an excitement, a satisfaction that I have found what I want, and then a nervous energy takes over.

Light over Senise Basilicata - Watercolour

I would agree that light is the dominant factor in deciding what to paint, but it is perhaps more the understanding of the changing tones, an overall large shape that is divided into interesting smaller shapes with subtle tones, creating also sensitive colours. This can happen with interior as well as exterior subject matter. 

Chiese Giovanni Paolo Venice - Watercolour

The image of the interior of the Chiesa Giovanni Paolo Venice is an example of the impact that an image has for me. It was by chance that I entered the interior, and though very dark to the eye at first, the light through the windows created subtle changes within the interior, as well as subtle sensitive colours. This gave me the buzz.

The success of any painting is dependant on commitment and hard work. 

Text and images: Copyright © Paul Banning RI RSMA 2011


  1. Particularly like the interior for its light, reflection, looseness and illusion of space. Lesley

  2. Very appropriate atmospheres and the tonal harmonies. Sorry for my English and greetings.