Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Delia Cardnell RI

Dandelion - Watercolour & Gouache
I live in London and enjoy both city life and walking in rural parts of Britain. I carry pens, pencils, graphite sticks and books in which I sketch and make notes. My drawings are protected with a fixative spray and carried in labeled transparent bags. I am always amazed by the variety of landscape found within a short geographical distance and use my sketches back in my studio for inspiration to paint spontaneous abstracts and semi-abstract landscapes.

Wild Strawberries - Watercolour & Gouache
For my still life I collect objects that interest me; bottles and vases, fabrics and sometimes small items of furniture. I have painted flowers ranging from the exotic to common wild ones- subtle, small and generally over looked, they are often beautiful. My favourites are dandelions, wild strawberries and clover.

High Tide - Watercolour & Gouache
Often I draw on cartridge paper, concentrating on the composition, before painting on hot pressed paper. Using many subtle thin watercolour washes I build up layers to achieve rich textures and patterns. I love to incorporate details, my paintings and views in my still life and aim to capture a sense of tranquility and mystery.

Text and images: Copyright © Delia Cardnell 2001

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  1. Love 'Wild Strawberries' - for the colours and composition.