Monday, 5 September 2011

Julia Sorrell RI RBA

Scots Pines of East Wretham I - Watercolour
This summer has been a very inspiring and positive time resulting in a body of new work centred around a particular subject matter - the tumbled down Scot's pines on the Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve at East Wretham not far from where we live. What particularly appealed to me were the bleached shapes with a lot of drawing within them. So far I have produced three large water colours, two oil paintings and a pastel drawing, when the weather has allowed me. I only work well drawing directly from the object infront of me, and as a result I have had to battle this summer with rain and wind, and occasionally burning heat. I have not finished there yet!

Scots Pines of East Wretham II - Watercolour

Wood, although a figurative natural form, is the ultimate in abstract shape which I use to express myself in a variety of ways, whether it be my emotions, my exuberance, my love of drawing and above all my love of life with its complexities, strengths and weaknesses.

Scots Pines of East Wretham III - Watercolour

The more I have worked at East Wretham, the more my paintings have become colourful and expressive. For these three pieces shown I have used pen and ink and watercolour, developed on a highly structured drawing. I have loved being out of my studio and have enjoyed the public's reactions which have been very positive, I am glad to say. I know many artists hate being noticed by the public, but I have found it resulted in generating more self-confidence in what I was doing.
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  1. Drama, passionate complexity, architectonic chaos, cruel tenderness, winter flesh...
    "This world-order did none of gods or men make, but it always was and is and shall be: an everliving fire, kindling in measures and going out in measures." (Heraclitus, frag #30)